On 05/03/24, this site was established to showcase 2024 thesis titled “Digital Intercourse” This component of the platform was generated in hopes to continuously exhibit an ongoing process of experimentation that arose from deconstructing the interaction between physical practices and digital environments. This exploration has led to the emergence of various forms over time. Process began 2024 is ongoing.


Symmetrical but Asymmetrical, employed by laws of nature and used in technology design, in my head this is a direct link of physical to digital. Combining these elements and creating them into an Asemic typeface [wordless, left to interpretation] while employing my idea of "digital aesthetics". I played with wireframe manipulations on these forms, hoping to create a physical version brought into the world with 3D printing. Just as Asemic writing is an art movement that avoids words, technology can often be thought of as a movement to avoid real world problems. 

The reason I had used physical materials to recreate symmetrical (but asymmetrical) forms was to keep a lack of control. By placing less control through creating these forms, it speaks upon how Asemic type is developed, which is that there is no meaning. It's meaningless. (my favorite type of work). I want to take this as a chance to place LESS control in the aesthetic, something present in nature. Bringing this into 3D brings the control back.

**I thought Asemic writing was an interesting way to work as a bridge between the idea of digital aesthetics to me brought into the world, because when first reading about it - it almost seemed like an EXCUSE of some sort, to create wordless words based on nothing but intuition or aesthetic. But the fact that it's a movement was even more interesting. I think it works similarly to the thought process of how designers are often utilizing technology and mediums in ways that only focus on visuals, a tendency I have been guilty of. Employing this thinking into this deliverable allows me to think constructively of how the audience might view it, when I have an entirely different meaning of it, which is ultimately the most interesting point for me.**

> it is not possible to create an art/literary work entirely without meaning.
> Asemic writing exists in many different forms. It is often created with a pen or brush, but can range from being hand drawn in the sand with a stick and documented by photography,[14] or to works on canvas, paper, computer images, and animations. The key to a\Asemic writing is that even though it is traditionally "unreadable" it still maintains a strong attractive appeal to the reader's eye. 





An Exploration of what Digital Aesthetics means to me. 

personification of objects 

lamp - smart objects 

distortion , pain , being sensitive toward objects
using non-traditional modes of presentation to look at surfaces 
non traditional printing - on objects circulating imagery [forcing others to look at things] image would be critical to think about

the world as a printing surface Paula elliman 

how we qualify digital aesthetics today

Why does personifying physical objects mean in relation to digital aesthetics for you

An exploration of bringing digital aesthetics to life, the relationships between humans and technology, relating the idea of lighting back to all design aspects


digitizing items 
placing personality through inanimate objects 

video's lights felt soothing but the wireframe didn't really make it clear that it's emphasizing emptiness 
medical ads where they convince you to get the item to make your life better but its kind of ominous like you have something to lose if you decide to purchase it




Object statement ideas

Band-aids I want you to suffer and use me
Toothbrush Harder
Remember, while these objects may be handled with some roughness, it's important to use them safely and appropriately to avoid injury or damage.



Fetishizing technology



- mainly been based on exploration of bringing digital aesthetics to real life 
- or the other way around 
- thought a lot about how my imagination would've been if I didn't have access to digital mediums/media 
- speculating constantly on the personification of technology, often thinking about what they would say and do. 
- kind of vague and ambiguous honestly
- my critique to myself so far really is just that an exploration doesn't really communicate anything ::: find out what you want to say 
- I feel like I'm asking a lot of questions through it that I haven't even answered



attempting to create digital lighting in reality. applying text is a very literal way of making it digital, with the use of fonts it feels like a screen of some sort



























following some casual light experimentation, I opted to leverage materials from my previous projects to create a light [OBJECT] embodying digital aesthetics and energy, aiming to explore the intersection of the digital and physical realms. The base was created with air-dry clay I had found... with the intention of replicating a stone-like appearance, deliberately accentuating imperfections throughout the creative process. By replicating the appearance of stone, my intention was to highlight the contrast in materiality between human-crafted objects and digital aesthetics. I deemed it conceptually significant to personally create the stone, enhancing the overall experience. The acrylic material had been leftover from a prior project, prompting me to impulsively laser-cut words that I imagined the light might express if it possessed emotions. Admittedly, this aspect was not extensively planned, as the project unfolded within a week, requiring a sudden activation of my fine arts skills. The chosen words carry a hint of provocation, a decision made no more than to capture viewers' attention.

No preliminary mock-ups were generated; the entire process unfolded spontaneously. Engaging with physical materials allows less time for contemplation, yet weirdly demands quicker execution with limited room for alterations (suggesting a need for more thorough planning HAHA). The central sphere, crafted from tissue paper, aimed to introduce an organic form, contrasting a natural ambiance with the surrounding technology. However, I am uncertain about this element, as it seems to diverge from the intended digital aesthetic. Moving forward, my focus for the week ahead involves refining the digital aesthetics by potentially incorporating imagery with a more pronounced digital quality and avoiding any organic shapes to align seamlessly with the acrylic and base.

Some random ideas,
- scan it and create a space around it or inside it?






producing an item that illuminates light similar to a phone screen in low light conditions

Make something physical with light

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