Combining all these diverse aesthetics proved challenging in crafting a final cohesive piece that unified all the created material. To seamlessly amalgamate these elements, I opted to present them within an abstracted narrative, symbolizing the initial exploration of light and transitioning into darkness. This narrative thread was the only consistent piece retained in the visual book. I observed that my physical pieces often portrayed illuminated narratives, while the digital counterparts tended to evoke darker undertones. Consequently, sequencing the narrative from light to dark felt natural. The typical outcome of my experimentation process in the realm of fine arts intrigued me, and translating these results into the digital realm transformed the aesthetic entirely, showcasing a myriad of forms. Reflecting on the inception of this journey, I found it challenging to articulate the sensation of blurring both worlds—it felt truly otherworldly. Consequently, emphasizing the realms of creation and experimentation rather than verbal description became paramount.There may still be a lack of visual coherence, yet this collection highlights the disparities in forms as they transition between physical and digital spaces, and vice versa.

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